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Deirdre Mackay

Scottish Labour councillor for East Sutherland and Edderton



The Switch Together Campaign

14 November 2012

The Labour Party has joined forces with a commercial partner,  iChoosr , to purchase electricity in bulk for people who sign up at a cheaper rate than they are likely to achieve working on their own.

Energy bills are now one of the largest costs facing families but only 20% of people are currently on the cheapest deal – with the rest paying £4 billion a year more than they should.

Ultimately, the most direct way that energy bills will be driven down for everyone is by a root-and-branch reform of  the energy market .

That is why Labour has drawn up detailed policies for the next Labour government to break the grip of the Big Six energy companies, simplify tariffs and ensure that vulnerable people are offered the lowest rate available.

Although Labour is not yet in government, it wants to help families tackle the rising cost of living right now.

So many confusing tariffs on the market can make switching from one supplier to another difficult which is why many people have given up trying.

 Ofgem have estimated that  60 per cent of consumers have never tried to switch supplier.

For several months Labour has been working on a SwitchTogether scheme with its partner,  iChoosr.

If lots of people sign up to SwitchTogether, iChoosr will be able to negotiate a better deal with the energy companies than people would be able to get on their own.

This is different from websites where comparisons between energy costs can be made to discover the cheapest rate because this collective approach is about getting lots of people coming together to switch at once.

There is no obligation to accept the price determined at auction.

Nevertheless, everyone who signs up will be offered the deal after the auction.

People can indicate their interest now at



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